Crapification of design

Crapification of design.   An interesting view on how web design has evolved throughout the years, and how it could have evolved as well.   For me it’s time to go outside and… Continue reading

Woke up from hibernation: here is some videogame logic

So this is my first post since a while, because, like bears and other fluffy animals, I tend to like to take a loooong sleep during the winter. I just woke up, and,… Continue reading

Some Weekly Fun

Inspired by my last post with my collection of funny images, I decided to give you another one. Unfortunately I am spending my time writing papers at the moment, so I don’t have… Continue reading

Beautifully Illustrated Harry Potter Thoughts

Someone named Angela made this beautiful comic (?) about Harry Potter and how it affects the lives of fans. I myself grew up with the Harry Potter books and movies as well, as… Continue reading

My Collection of Funny Images

So half the time I spend on the internet, I spend looking for funny stuff. Such as these pictures. I decided to share them with you, so enjoy!

Brand New Star Trek Comic Page

It’s been quite quiet here due to my holidays, but now that the working/studying year has officially started again I wanted to present to you what I did in the summer. I know… Continue reading

“This Must Be the Only Fantasy” Trailer

This trailer looks amazing, but I have no idea what to expect of the real movie! “This Must Be the Only Fantasy”, directed by Todd Cole and made with Rodarte Film, starring Elijah… Continue reading

A very inspiring video by geek girls

Geeks are geeks, no matter what their gender is! A very inspiring video featuring geek girls (and Wil Wheaton) explaining they are as geek as can be.

Professional Widow

This digital drawing I made quite a while back and uploaded on my Deviant Art page, which I abandoned a while ago. I thought I would post it here. I hope you enjoy… Continue reading


       I just had to post these tribble gifs I found on Tumblr by Trekgate. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!